Medical instruments directly from manufacturer

Kazan Medical Instruments is one of the largest manufacturers of dental, microsurgical instruments, handmade titanium and tungsten carbide instruments and polymer products for medical purposes in Russia for 90 years.

Today KMIZ is:

  • manufacturer corresponding to European standards;
  • leader among Russian manufacturers;
  • quality system complying ISO international standards.

3000 product names

3500 consumers in Russia and CIS countries

40 neighboring countries and far abroad

KMIZ’s medical instruments:

  • dental instruments (carbide burs and cutters, diamond endodontic instruments, air-powered motors, highspeed and air-powered handpieces);
  • microsurgical instruments and sets for microsurgery;
  • polymeric medical products for urology, gynecology, laboratory, dentistry etc.

Our production

Our production

Impressive opportunities of modern equipment park makes us leading manufacturer of dental instruments and handmade titanium or stainless steel products in Russia. All production processes comply to international standards and come through strict quality control.

Equipment stock consists of modern CNC machines performing different stages of production process – turning, grinding, milling, etc. Precision machines guarantee accurate manufacturing of every detail of product.
Heat treating vacuum furnaces realize such stages of production as quenching and tempering of metal parts of our instruments.
Environmentally clean manufacturing. 100% quality control at every stage of production.
Kazan Medical Instruments Plant’s  quality management system has been established and documented. It is implemented and maintained in order to improve the performance of our factory. Compliance of our quality management system to international standards is proven by EN ISO 13485:2016.
Final stage of production process is packing.  The factory is equipped with modern packaging machines providing additional control during packing.

About company

KMIZ  Medical Instruments is the largest developer and manufacturer of dental, microsurgical instruments and polymeric products in Russia. With more than 90 years of experience KMIZ belongs to the leading companies of the branch worldwide and supplies more than 3.000 different products to partners in Asia, Europe and the US. KMIZ manufactures a wide range of dental instruments and handmade titanium and stainless steel products which guarantee high product quality for which KMIZ is very popular worldwide. KMIZ received international awards such as "Best Trademark" and "Commercial Prestige" for its innovations and high quality standards. The company invests continuously into the research and development of new technologies and thereby relies on its very qualified and specialized employees.