Carbide burs

Features of carbide burs

KMIZ, carbide burs manufacturer, produce all burs according to international standard. Dental rotary instruments may have specialized applications - in operative, restoration removal, trimming and finishing and laboratory works. Carbide burs are used:

  • To cut and polish tooth structure (enamel and dentine) and dental materials (precious and non-precious alloys, amalgam, composite, cements).
  • In cavity preparation, crown preparation and crown cutting.
  • In root canal preparation and smoothing.

Shapes of carbide burs

KMIZ carbide burrs are available in a wide variety of head forms for all needs.

  • Ball/Round tungsten (for caries excavation, cavity preparation, for contouring and finishing restorations);
  • Inverted cone tungsten (for producing undercuts in cavity preparations; for amalgam removal; for contouring the occlusal anatomy of final restorations and for flattening pulpal and gingival walls);
  • Fissure tungsten (for producing preparations with straight parallel sides and flat floors, gaining access to carious dentin, establishing preparation form, and creating retentive locks);
  • Wheel-shaped crown (allow effective excavation and removal of carious dentine, for model casting technique, crown and bridge technique).


Carbide burs for dental lab and clinic are the required instruments.

  • Good in caries removal;
  • High cutting capacity;
  • Long life;
  • High concentricity of the shank;

KMIZ, manufacturer of dental products of Russia, suggest the high quality and reasonable price.

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