Ophthalmology instruments

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Ophthalmic instruments are used in ophthalmic microsurgery. Since human eyes are a very fragile organ and the surgeon can’t be mistaken, the entire instrumentation used must have high accuracy.

Some of the ophthalmic instruments of this vast group almost completely copy the microsurgical analogues and differ only in miniature sizes. And some have their own unique form, which is applicable only for ophthalmology.

On our site you will find a wide range of products from the domestic manufacturer - Kazan Medical Instruments (KMIZ). These products are recognized as one of the best in Russia and are in high demand. All ophthalmic instruments have CE mark and correspond to ISO 13485:2012.

Handmade titanium instruments

Ophthalmic instruments should be lightweight, ergonomic and have antimagnetic properties. Therefore, microsurgical instruments are made of titanium, which is ideal for the production of microsurgical ophthalmic instruments.

The use of a titanium alloy in the manufacture of microtools provides the ophthalmologist with the greatest convenience during surgery, allowing him to stay focused exclusively on solving the patient's problem. Thus, the high quality of the handmade titanium instruments used directly helps the doctor during the operation to remain as focused as possible on the manipulations performed and to achieve a positive result.

Kinds of instruments for ophthalmology

The line of handmade titanium instrumentsfor ophthalmology incudes:

  • ophthalmic spatula
  • scissors-forceps
  • scissors straight
  • scissors curved
  • lens crushing knife
  • needle holder
  • blade holder
  • fixation forceps

On our site you can find the necessary handmade titanium instruments for ophthalmology of any purpose and order the necessary tools. All instruments are reliable, durable and allow to carry out the necessary manipulations with microsurgery of the eye successfully.

You can see all the products on our official website. To buy needle holders, forceps, scissors and other instruments for ophthalmology you need to contact our managers by phone +7 (843) 221-93-33 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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