We manufacture a wide range of dental instruments and handmade titanium or stainless steel products of remarkable quality. Such attention to quality and details made KMIZ one of the leaders in its industry worldwide. Most of products are CE marked and available for sales all over the world.

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Total control of whole production of carbide cutters process guarantees quality of each instrument.
Dental diamond burs of KMIZ Medical Instruments are made of natural diamond grit and stainless steel shanks of highest quality.
Dental rotary instruments may have specialized applications - in operative, restoration removal, trimming and finishing and laboratory works.
The main direction of our enterprise is the production of manual and machine endodontic instruments, irreplaceable in the treatment of the tooth.
We produce: turbine dental handpieces, angular and straight micromotor handpieces, air-powered micromotors, scaler for removal of tartar, dental crown-remover
All produced implantology instruments of KMIZ are strictly controlled. Handmade titanium instruments designed specifically for all of your needs.
There is a corresponding certificate ISO 13485: 2012 on ophthalmology instruments.
The extremely light titanium material is an advantage for long vascular operations. This helps to keep on operating over a period of time with minimum fatigue.
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