Endodontic instruments

KMIZ is one of the largest enterprises in Russia for the production of various medical instruments. KMIZ has been successfully operating since 1931. In the arsenal there are more than 3,000 available products. Impressive experience, potential and technological innovations allow creating high-quality goods. Thanks to this, the products are in demand not only on the territory of Russia and its regions, but also in neighboring countries.

Choosing endodontic instruments

To date, the first place is health. In order to provide quality services, it is necessary that medical instruments meet world standards and be of high quality. The main direction of our enterprise is the production of manual and machine endodontic instruments, irreplaceable in the treatment of the tooth.

The assortment of endodontic instruments produced includes:

We also offer a dental scaler, crown remover, micromotor and turbine handpieces and other tools for therapeutic, orthopedic and dental work.

Benefits of cooperation

Since KMIZ is a manufacturer, the following privileges are granted to customers:

  • Efficiency of the order.
  • Advantageous prices.
  • Guarantee of high quality tools.

In order to buy endodontic instruments, you need to leave a request through a feedback form or contact the manager at number +7 (843) 221-93-33.

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