Carbide cutters

Tungsten carbide cutters

The manufacturer of dental products Russia KMIZ produce the wide variety of tungsten carbide instruments for dental technicians. Сarbide cutters are used for shaping, smoothing or removing material from hard substances. Universal application and high quality maintain a steady demand for these products. Main features of KMIZ dental carbide cutters:

  • production with application of innovative Siemens software;
  • HIP (hot-isostatically pressed) tungsten carbide alloy;
  • precise instrument balance;
  • optimal cutting geometry.

This guarantee long service life and high efficiency in all procedures:

  • rough trimming, contouring;
  • fine finishing;
  • to take off sharp edges and smoothen occlusal surfaces;
  • for fissures and minimal corrections on inside surfaces

Tungsten carbide instruments are best in use with metal, precious metal, titanium, plaster, acrylic and ceramic.

Kinds of carbide cutters

Cutter types range from extra fine cutters, fine cutters to medium cutters, coarse cutters and super coarse cutters. They can also identified as plane, cross or spiral cutters by the blade configuration. The main shapes of KMIZ dental rotary instruments:

  • cylinder;
  • cone;
  • ball;
  • bud.

Each type of cutter has its own color and number code according to ISO classification. Carbide cutters are commonly used as laboratory cutters, but also some of specific shapes are applied as podology rotary instruments and manicure rotary instruments. Easy way to buy carbide cutters is to make choice in online-catalogue or contact us for more details in any convenient way.

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