Vascular surgery instruments

Kazan Medical Instruments is the largest manufacturer of handmade titanium instruments in Russia. A special area of activity of KMIZ is the production of vascular surgery instruments.

Working in collaboration with surgeons, the KMIZ is developing instruments for vascular surgery.

Handmade titanium instruments for vascular surgery

The extremely light titanium material is an advantage for long vascular operations. This helps to keep on operating over a period of time with minimum fatigue.

KMIZ company's vascular surgery instruments:

  • DeBakey Forceps
  • Forceps curved and straight
  • Double-action forceps
  • Bayonet Needle holders
  • Micro Scissors
  • Coronary Scissors
  • Double-action scissors
  • Vascular clamps
  • Vascular probes

Choosing instruments for vascular surgery

We offer you a great variety of instruments for vascular surgery – DeBakey forceps, double-action forceps, Bayonet needle holders, double-action scissors, vascular clamps and probes.

Total control of whole production of handmade titanium instruments process guarantees quality of each instrument.

Why you need to order from us

  • Affordable prices from the manufacturer, profitable offers.
  • Guarantee of high quality tools.
  • Fast execution of orders of any complexity.
  • A wide range of products.

You can see all the products on our official website. To buy instruments for vascular surgery you need to contact our managers by phone +7 (843) 221-93-33 or leave a request through the feedback form.

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